…we create spaces – physical analogue experiences in the real world. And sometimes you can interact with them and sometimes they take you on a journey and sometimes they just are. 

Franziska Paul (*1987) completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with a degree in interior architecture (Dipl. Ing.) in 2013. The same year she began working in Berlin as a freelance scenographer for exhibitions and events. She executed projects – from concept to first draft to planning and implementation of architectural and graphic design – for clients such as the Humboldt-Universität, Triad Project GmbH, Märkisches Museum, chezweitz GmbH and many more. In her work she focuses on the staging of themes and narrations in space. Since 2015 she has started to venture into new territory, to the medium of film. Consequently, she also works as a director and set designer, combining her expertise in design and film. She developed and produced the award-winning web series "Newbie" for the University of Magdeburg and produced the web series "Mein abgefahrener Sommer" for Deutsche Bahn AG as part of an EXIT GmbH advertising campaign.

Anna Maja Spiess (*1986) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Munich with honors in 2013. She studied sculpture in the class of Prof. Olaf Metzel.
Prior to her studies worked with Annette Vogel on European exhibitions for the Sabarsky Collection NY and the company collection of the German Automobilclub (ADAC) as well as for Galerie Thomas Munich.
In 2013 she joined Artsy as their first non-US hire and was instrumental in the startup's rapid global growth. Since 2016 she led Cultural Partnerships at Artsy, focusing on the collaboration with governments (most notably a partnership with South Korea), and Gallery Weekends around the world (Warsaw, Mumbai, Beijing, Brussels and many more).


OPEN CALL | OPERATION MOSS PIGLET | François Schneider Foundation

The immersive installation evokes spiritual places. The walls, the ceiling and the floor disappear into a velvety black depth. White letters run over two of the walls: „They survive extreme conditions (...)“ „(...)Are they from outer space?“ The flooring of the room is so soft that one sinks in. A beacon of light focuses the view on to a small asteroid overgrown with moss. Similar to a cave, water drips slowly but steadily from the ceiling onto the stone. One hears a soft hum and the dripping of the water.




For Ear-Sight and DLLTY Cicada Concept realized the site-specific art installation “Deep End” for the third event in the “Gone Fishing” series. To rap live in public, to be the DJ playing for a crowd, it’s like jumping into the deep end. CC transformed Burg Schnabel using 75 square meters of “big bubble” bubble wrap, to create an under water feeling.



Everything starts from a dot...
...two dots connected form a line. A line is the base of drawing, of architecture, of connection.For the 2020 architectual Biennale Cicada Concepts proposes an interactive, performative, outdoor sculpture deeply rooted and embedded in human expression. In the intervention the line is a wooden stick and visitors of the Giardini will be able to to experience architecture in a holistic way by creating spaces.The language of architecture can easily become rather complex. The performance communicates intuitivly the spirit of architecture, space and community without a language barrier, to everyone - independent of age, social status, level of knowledge.

Three geomteric shapes can be created in three spots outside the Giardini pavillions: A square, the base shape of most dwellings, a circle, the base shape of jurts and mobile architecture, and a triangle, the easiest shape to create shelter such as tents.



For Ear-Sight and DLLTY Cicada Concept realized the site-specific art installation  "Whats Golden" for the second event in the “Gone Fishing” series. Not only a homage to the exceptional 2002 track by Jurassic 5, but also an exploration of another phenomenon recording work and fishing have in common: The sunset/sunrise after a long session at the studio or the lake: the patience, to get it right and then the basking in the golden light once you are done and step back into the world.



It rustles, murmurs and casts shadows.
heavy, brute and a bit Nazi - the architecture. We gotta do something light | fragile | nimble.
we have 4 weeks. delivery times?
and now: 24hrs. 5000 meters aluminium need to be cut and attached to the net. B1.
fire safety needs to be considered. Art isn’t without limits after all.
5km white noise. a radius into town. How far is it to your home?
“Wir tun uns schwer etwas zu benennen, das wir noch nie gehört oder gesehen haben” (We have difficulties to name something we have never seen nor heard) and now it sounds like the ocean. And looks like water upside down.



Public competition for the design of the inner courtyard of the Eberswalde District Court, Brandenburg. A court is a building, a symbol and a place where law is dispensed. The court has to consider different versions of a a story or points of views until a verdict is reached. Our proposal for the district court of Eberswalde translates this fact into a simple but social and interactive sculpture for the inner courtyard: A kinetic spatial creation - both protection and refuge - as well as an invitation to change ones perspective. Four glass walls are positioned in the inner courtyard, which can be rotated 360 degrees on a central axis, referencing the architectural language of the building in its proportions & design. The glass is coated, so both ones own reflection and a changed view of the building are possible. Depending on how the glas panels are rotated, they allow new perspectives and lines of sight to emerge. Hundreds if not thousands of arrangements of the kinetic sculpture are possible.



Together with Ear-Sight and DLLTY Cicada Concept realized the site-specific art installation  "One Fish Two Fish" for the inaugural event of the “Gone Fishin’ ” mini-festival series. They explored through found images, what the moniker and title of the event suggested: The relationship between humans and fish in a humorous and engaging way.



In June 2019 Cicada Concepts realized the public art intervention “The Visit” during Art Basel at the Steinentor Kiosk in collaboration with CLAIRbyKahn Gallery, and the Valora AG. The pop up was well received and proved a fresh, young addition to the Basel art landscape during that important time.




The Art Gorgeous, online, career - 11 Jun 2019
"Woman Shaping The Art World: Anna Maja Spiess & Franziska Paul" – Interview


Berliner Zeitung, online - 21 Sep 2019
"Art Berlin und Positions: Zwei Kunstmessen im Flughafen Tempelhof" – Article


Alujet-Universal, online - 2019
"Alu im Wind" – Interview





Cicada Concepts GbR
Anna Maja Spiess & Franziska Paul *
Bundesallee 48A
10715 Berlin


Instagram | @cicadaconcepts

*Official records state 5688 days have passed since Miss Paul and Miss Spiess started collaborating. Since then they have executed on projects big and small, some for money, some for fun and some that had to be done. Miss Paul left the city they grew up in, Miss Spiess followed a few years later. Now they both live in Berlin.

As they have been each other's support, creative input, fiercest defender and most honest critic they decided to make it official: Cicada Concepts was born. They also take a little longer - the cicadas - and their song stands for long summer nights, change, adventure, travel, metamorphosis and tenacity - as do Miss Paul and Miss Spiess.