Cicada Concepts 
is a Berlin-based creative agency offering solutions for the physical space.

We are a sculptor, scenographer, film director, curator, film producer, set designer, handywoman, artist, interior architect, driver, project manager, collector, cook
and a myriad of other things but above all two extraordinarily creative humans with vast experience in all our aforementioned fields.

Together with you we‘ll dream up, develop and build an extraordinary experience, a creative stage, an engaging platform for your project.

We develop ideas from the ground up or help translate existing projects into a more sustainable, culturally intelligent concept that fosters growth and connectivity while keeping a close eye on flawless execution and the highest aesthetic standard.



In June 2019 Cicada Concepts realized the public art intervention “The Visit” during Art Basel at the Steinentor Kiosk in collaboration with CLAIRbyKahn Gallery, and the Valora AG. The pop up was well received and proved a fresh, young addition to the Basel art landscape during that important time.



Franziska Paul (*1987) completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with a degree in interior architecture (Dipl. Ing.) in 2013. The same year she began working in Berlin as a freelance scenographer for exhibitions and events. She executed projects – from concept to first draft to planning and implementation of architectural and graphic design – for clients such as the Humboldt-Universität, Triad Project GmbH, Märkisches Museum, chezweitz GmbH and many more. In her work she focuses on the staging of themes and narrations in space. Since 2015 she has started to venture into new territory, to the medium of film. Consequently, she also works as a director and set designer, combining her expertise in design and film. She developed and produced the award-winning web series "Newbie" for the University of Magdeburg and produced the web series "Mein abgefahrener Sommer" for Deutsche Bahn AG as part of an EXIT GmbH advertising campaign.

Anna Maja Spiess (*1986) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Munich with honors in 2013. She studied sculpture in the class of Prof. Olaf Metzel.
Prior to her studies worked with Annette Vogel on European exhibitions for the Sabarsky Collection NY and the company collection of the German Automobilclub (ADAC) as well as for Galerie Thomas Munich.
In 2013 she joined Artsy as their first non-US hire and was instrumental in the startup's rapid global growth. Since 2016 she led Cultural Partnerships at Artsy, focusing on the collaboration with governments (most notably a partnership with South Korea), and Gallery Weekends around the world (Warsaw, Mumbai, Beijing, Brussels and many more).



Strategy | Ideas | Concepts

Development of culturally intelligent concepts for the extraordinary presentation or longer-term support of a product / brand / institution / city or region. Our many years of experience as well as the respective core competences allow for a swift, creative and goal-oriented execution.

Consulting | Advisory

Founded or jointly developed concepts are further fleshed out on the basis of our experience and knowledge in the fields of art, design and scenography. We involve collaborators from our global network and the concept’s realisation is devised with a focus on sustainability and consistent aesthetics

Planning | Implementation

Responsible and accurate, we also execute the concept - together with the institution or consulted experts - regardless of whether it’s a collaboration for an evening or, in the case of an exhibition space for example, for several years. We explore and venture into uncharted territory, want to shed light with you into undiscovered possibilities and also allow room for playful growth and exploration throughout the process. We pay special attention to human and realistic requirements, sustainability and competent realisation, keeping new impulses in mind.

Seamless communication of all participants is a given as well as an intelligent and realistic assessment of the opportunities. We strive for perfection with a high degree of humanity.






The wall color white became dominant in art institutions and galleries in the 1930s and 40s under the influence of Rationalism and Bauhaus. 1976 the artist and art critic Brian O’Doherty keyed the term “White Cube”.

Works or objects presented in a clean white space allow for little reference to their cultural framework. Cicada Concepts departs on a journey and invites you to enter the “Culture Cube”: A non-eurocentric view, connecting all of mankinds creations, spanning the fields of Art, Literature, Architecture, Design, Natural History and many more, so the viewer has the opportunity to see more than just the piece in front of her/him. Contextualization and artistic staging allow for kaleidoscopic access to a work and help a new generation of connoisseurs to understand, learn and love.

From staging whole shows or museum-wide concepts, interventions in private homes and collections, as well as the fleeting concept of a fair booth, this approach is equally applicable and proves sustainable as it invites the experienced viewer to a new form of participation while allowing the inexperienced visitor to find an access point.




The Art Gorgeous, online, career - 11 Jun 2019
Woman Shaping The Art World: Anna Maja Spiess & Franziska Paul




Cicada Concepts GbR
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Chausseestraße 55
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*Official records state 5688 days have passed since Miss Paul and Miss Spiess started collaborating. Since then they have executed on projects big and small, some for money, some for fun and some that had to be done. Miss Paul left the city they grew up in, Miss Spiess followed a few years later. Now they both live in Berlin.

As they have been each other's support, creative input, fiercest defender and most honest critic they decided to make it official: Cicada Concepts was born. They also take a little longer - the cicadas - and their song stands for long summer nights, change, adventure, travel, metamorphosis and tenacity - as do Miss Paul and Miss Spiess.